Thursday, March 16, 2017

Liberal Mom Objects to Man in Disneyland's Women's Restroom

Liberal Mom Objects to Man in Disneyland's Women's Restroom: Leftists smugly ask what they perceive to be THE 'gotcha' question about trannies in restrooms: 'So, are we going to have genital police?' To those smugsters, I ask, 'How will you determine whether the burly, bearded, bulging-biceped person in the women's restroom or locker room is a member of the 'trans' cult or a predator pretending to be a member of the 'trans' cult?”

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Walking Dead

I hope, that we will see a lot more of Eugene and his backstory.  We got a glimpse of how brilliant the really is and how Rick or the group, other than Abraham 😭.  Still devastating about him and Glenn.  I think he'll be happy working for Negan.  He seems to appreciate the value in Eugene's genius.

We'll wait and see.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

James Barclay - The Raven Chronicles series

Dawnthief is the first in the trilogy and introduces the reader to the mercenary band known as The Raven, having been successfully together for about ten years. However, this all changes when they meet the Xeteskian Mage Denser. They learn of the approaching danger of the Wesmen and their shaman and set off on a quest to collect objects needed to perform the spell Dawnthief, which will effectively take away the shaman's powers. Along the way they are captured by the Black Wings, a radical group against all magic, suffering some losses but also acquiring new members, including the Dordovan mage Erienne Malanvai, Will Begman (a thief), Jandyr (an elf) and Thraun (a shapechager). The mercenary band travel to the ancient city of Parve in the West of Balaia and successfully cast the Dawnthief spell.
Noonshade is the second book in the trilogy, and starts half an hour (book time) after the end of Dawnthief. At the end of 'Dawnthief Denser had cast the Dawnthief spell to destroy the Wytch Lords, and just to make sure they don't come back he opened a dimensional rip leading to nowhere. But he had unknowingly opened it into Sha-kaan's (the golden dragon in the last book) dimension. The Raven have to close the dimensional rip hovering above Parve, which is growing. If they fail then the Khaan brood won't be able to hold the other, larger broods off.
The trilogy spans a long period of time due to a gap of 4 and a half years between Noonshade and Nightchild.

MY OPINION:  It has some great action, a few explicit sexual scenes, that I just skipped over, had nothing really to add to the story and in depth character development.

There are places where the story begins to lag a bit, but then it picks up once again. I have the series and I'll probably read it again.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

One of the best "books" you can give someone as a token of love.  

Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Lorien Legacies Series

If you remember when the movie "I Am Number Four" came out in 2011.  I was hooked, granted this is a series more directed for a younger crowd, however, I love sci-fi and fell in love with the story.  Since, then I have purchased the entire series.

I'm currently in the middle of "The Fall of Ten."

This is a must read series for any age.  There is great character development, and what I loved about these books, the font is changed when one of the main characters is speaking.  Pittacus Lore did a fantastic job of creating these wonderful characters, you are completely enthralled in their quest to defeat the evil that eradicated their world.

It's full of adventure, a little romance, but nothing mushy or vulgar and lots of action.  You will walk with several of the characters and see how they developed or are currently developing their "Legacies" the powers bestowed upon them by their planet.

You will laugh, cry and feel their pain as they journey into the unknown and fight an evil that seems undefeatable.

If you like science fiction and characters that have supernatural abilities, this is the series to read.